Power of the Sensitive man with Tru GuyThe Power of the Sensitive Man

The Sacred Masculine

Tru Guy Stefan Sacred Masculine and the Power of the Sensitive ManSimply and succinctly, the Power of the Sensitive Man is part of what makes up a fully integrated person. This is when a man (or woman) are comfortable in their power as well as their vulnerability; their facts as well as their intuitions; their materiality and spirituality, as well as their gender and sexual preference. It is the full and shameless embrace of all that makes us up. At its highest, it is the cooperative and harmonious interplay of both male and female attributes equally sharing the stage within each of us.

My interest in writing my book about the Power of the Sensitive Man has arisen from my own struggles to be a powerful yet sensitive man in the world. It also comes from realizing that in order to embrace the Sacred Masculine you must open to the transformative power of the Divine Feminine. In so doing, we can realize that we increase masculine potency as we integrate a deeper connection to the feminine. Both archetypes initiate each other into greater authenticity, and are very much needed in order for men and women to come into greater harmony with each another.

My desire is to engage you in the conversation about what it means to be a man or woman. In telling our stories we change the world and feel less alone. We begin to heal old wounds and discover a whole new relationship with ourselves and others, as we integrate the wisdom that can be found in both the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves.

I felt it was important to hear people from all walks of life sharing their thoughts and personal experiences on the subject, and have included short video clips of the interviews in the e-book, with the full length versions being posted in a timely manner on my Youtube channel. In addition, I have included my original songs and instrumental compositions to inspire you further. 

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