Celestial Pool 

I love to observe the ‘nature of things’, people, and the cosmos, that I might better flow with the many relationships unfolding before me. The book of life is constantly being written; by you, me and all interactions dancing between us. I am co-author and reader, character and metaphor moving inexplicably toward greater meaning. Sometimes I can’t express it in words but am moved to do it through an instrument. I find the Native Flute a great companion for this.

 Celestial Pool


The Call is about that proverbial wake up call that comes where life and our inner most intuitive knowing is urging us to step into our purpose for being here.

The Call


What I Truly Feel is about the authenticity that comes from expressing what you truly feel.  It’s about healing, trust, courage, vulnerability, transparency and loving your highest, most enjoyable possibilities.

 What I Truly Feel


Angels On The Wing speaks to breaking through the static of life by deeply listening the those inner guides who encourage our growth and potential. It’s about slowing down to truly appreciate the many ways we are supported. Through conscious listening we penetrate the mystery of our purpose.

Angels On The Wing


I am One With You expresses our One-ness, our unity with All That Is….how our identities are reflections of this one-ness. The music and lyrics strive to inspire the listener to actually feel this one-ness

I Am One With You (Mantric Lullaby)


Tru Guy StefanFor most of my life music has been medicine.

It has helped me to heal my wounds and find meaning in chaos. It has soothed my heart, elevated my spirit and transformed my expressive abilities.

Although I spent many years trying to play the music industry game it never really satisfied the desire and inclination I had for helping others. This led me to study and explore the healing power of sound and storytelling, and to delve deeper into my natural ability to alchemize sound and word.

Tru Guy on Drums

Getting the audience to participate for MoMondays at the Hard Rock Cafe, Toronto

Version 2

The Sacred Masculine Interactive Concert with the women holding space for the men.

I was being told quite often how profoundly my voice and songs were inspiring others. I started singing in choirs when I was a child, then in coffee houses. This led to schools, churches, retreat centres, conferences, yoga studios, bars, festivals, Peace initiatives, community events, retirement homes, radio, and also took part of the Guinness World Record of 200 non-stop hours of original music from Nov. 4th. to the 12th, 2006 for Manhattan’s Music Club and Ruff Entertainment in Guelph Ontario.
My focus now is to primarily share my music, stories and facilitating abilities to help contribute to the elevation of consciousness currently sweeping our world, with a particular focus on healing the affects of Patriarchy and empowering others to tap into and express their highest potential.

To this end I have moved more in the direction of interactive concert events were attendees can simply receive a performance experience, as well as participate directly. To do this I have written a number of what I call Mantric Lullabies to encourage others to sing and harmonize together. My instruments include voice (for songs as well sounding, chanting and toning), guitar, native flute, dulcimer, hand drums, and percussion to name a few.

March 2016 Concert with TruGuy Stefan, Doug Sole, and Darren Austin Hall

The Sacred Masculine-March 2016 Concert with Myself, Doug Sole and Darren Austin Hall.

Music is a universal language that bridges all barriers and cultures. It opens the heart and soothes the soul, and connects communities far and wide, which is what my intention is for you.

Native Flute live channeled improv in service to my soul’s celebration of Spirit.


Mother of Mercy was written on Earth Day and performed live in honour of Gaia, our great Mother and provider.


Shake Me speaks to our coming out of complacency. It speaks about no longer waiting for change, but to be the instrument of the change we seek.

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