Facebook Reviews

“A great read for my being. thank you dear man. ”  D. D. May 11, 2016

“Wonderful heartfelt advice.  Very wise words, dear friend.”  G. A. May 12, 2016

“…gracefully & gently spoken truths…thank you for bearing your heart & soul…thank you for shedding light on these matters in such a way that organically guides the reader to personalize the message for their own growth…”  R. S. May 12, 2016

“And you’re so bang on with your perceptions: they only stay as long as they can bare to see someone wallow in this victimhood. Then for the sake of their happiness and growth they must leave.”  N. W. May 12, 2016

“My favourite wisdom here, amongst all this wisdom, is that there’s a difference between knowing something intellectually and embodying it. The first is awareness, the second is consciousness.”  R. B. P.  May 13, 2016

“Thank you for your leadership and what you share through your work Tru.”  K. E. P. May 13, 2016

“You have expressed this universal experience with deep compassion, wisdom and truth. You are indeed a Tru Guy . Thank you for the inquiry into how we move from victim to freedom, pain and shame to unconditional love and joy. When I read your words, I feel deep resonance, and a sigh of relief, as I too have felt these contrasts within myself, and in our sharing yours, you invite the recognition that we are ALL moving from the contraction of shame to the expansion of the LIGHT that holds all of it, all of us in the I AM. Love and a deep bow to you.”  P. J. G.  May 14, 2016

“Beautifully honest and true, and written with such grace.”  A. K.  May 18, 2016

“Splendid sentiments, Tru!”  D. A. H. May 18, 2016

“As I read all of these comments it occurs to me how truly blessed we are to curate these conscious conversations! Thank you Tru for initiating and inspiring this soulful exchange. And to all who have left their love sparks in word trails, I deeply bow to you, and honour this sacred song of spiralling truth we are unfolding together. I taste the honey of wisdom in each of your offerings and my heart softens in gratitude.”  P. J. G.  May 18, 2016

Concert Reviews March 2016

Deanna Figueiredo ~ Hi Tru, thank you. It was my pleasure and a really wonderful and sacred feeling night. There is a quality to your voice that feels very warm, soothing, nurturing, comforting and calming to me. It’s a healing voice you have. I felt like I was being wrapped up in a warm blanket and held lovingly by the presence and vibration of your voice. It’s consistent, steady, direct, assuring and soft. That’s what I got from it!

Katelin Theriault ~ Dear Tru, so happy to connect!! Saturday was pure magic. It was an honour to be present, to witness such greatness and hold space and loving support for all that unfolded, for all that continues to unfold. What a gift, Thank you!! Gratitude and blessings to you. Until we meet again.

Anne James Powerful evening. Thanks to all!! Namasté

Dolphin Diemer I felt like a crocus. In my books, it was an important happening and more of it needs to be shed.

Darren Austin Hall Love all the way, brother! Your songs and presence are MAGIC 

Ryan Michael Kelly Tru, the night was revelatory and transformative to say the least. So grateful to be able to come contribute, participate and receive such powerful medicine. Thank you for all you’ve done to bring this to fruition!

Michael Egan was a powerful and inspiring evening…the music was wonderful and MANY thanks to all who helped make it happen  the feminine and masculine support was perfect

Holly Hawk Unique and wonderful love filled evening. Great to experience brotherhood in action ♡

Carol Pasternak Amen!

Kristine Vanderplas Thank you Tru and everyone for bringing such beautiful energy into our home xo

Darren Austin Hall

 As I contemplated this morning with my backdoor open, taking in the cold rains of coming Spring, I ruminated on the deeper essence of this event for me. It was intriguing that what came forth was something shadowy and murky, not in a negative sense, but in an acknowledgment of how rare and novel it is to honour men and the masculine. To honour women and the feminine seems to be already so much the zeitgeist and there’s an ease and a flow thanks to all the glorious work of culture to raise this aspect. But the masculine is less accessible, has been buried under the weight of so many men unable to share their pain, confusion and struggles in existence because to do so has often been seen as a weak expression of our masculinity. I was then roused and filled with an intense willingness and excitement to hold this space to raise men and my brothers, so that we may meet the sharing and passion of the feminine by expressing our own struggles and find relations in this deeper and more authentic fashion–wounds to wisdom. I also thought endearingly of my brother, Tru Guy Stefan, who is an elder brother to me, and whom I have been consistently inspired by the way he blesses younger men like myself with his tenderness and deep-truthing. His songs are going to foster such synergy and open our hearts so wide!


“Tru has a voice of velvet and a message of gold. Through original songs, life stories and audience interaction, he weaves a tapestry of talent that is soothing, thought-provoking and evocative.” ~Michel Neray, founder of momondays.com and professional speaker (neray.com)

“Guy has one of the best voices around and his songs are from the deepest places in his heart. A class act!”  ~L.a. Moore, Tampa Bay, Florida

“Tru is a wondrous artist, healer and sage. His words and songs open the heart and nourish a spiritual sensibility. He inspires wakefulness of the best parts of our humanity and speaks with a grace and wisdom that is timeless. He is boon for all to hear and his presence alone is profoundly powerful, in a way that is both tender and commanding. I’m honoured to know him and be inspired by him, abundantly.” ~Darren Austin Hall, Sound Alchemist, Singer-Songwriter, Visionary.
 “I have had the privilege and pleasure of knowing Tru Guy Stefan for several years now.  I have found him to be a person of the highest integrity.  He is professional in all that he does and can be trusted with anything you would choose to share with him.  He is also a very talented, intuitive and inspiring artist.  My life has been enhanced in a very positive way with my getting to know him.”~Heather Ostertag CM, Heather Ostertag and Associates
“Working with Tru is to work with ‘anchor’ energy.  He holds a solid space that allows others to move around him and grow in their own creative impulse.  As a Bard it is a pleasure to hear his songs and stories.  People like TruGuy are worth their weight in gold!”  ~Jessie G.L. Stewart, Author, Teacher, Artist-Musician, Holy Fool www.partnershipplanet.com and Jessie and the Field Wizards on Facebook

Reviews from ReverbNation for Tru Guy Stefan

“Wonderful songs! Great vocals and lots of emotion!”  ~ Hitherside

After just a few bars I knew TruGuy was a serious singer songwriter, and with all the right qualities; strong meaningful lyrics; wonderful melodies and most importantly, real emotion on delivery. I’m a REAL fan, not a pretend one. Good Luck my friend.  ~Al  Alan Pettifer

TruGuy, Great voice! Enjoyed listening to your songs. All the best. ~DuSeane  

Loving the mist … well written and beautifully sung and played – great stuff TruGuy – cheers – Alan S.  Stirling 

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