Tru Guy Stefan The Power of the Sensitive Man

Tru Guy Stefan Music Medicine on Stage

Performing for MoMondays at the Hard Rock Cafe, Toronto.

I’m Tru Guy Stefan and I believe in the healing power of sound, story, touch, and the need for a sacred marriage between the masculine and feminine within us. I am currently writing a new book about the Power of the Sensitive Man and how uniting with the Divine Feminine is so crucial to how we will heal ourselves and the planet.

Motivate and Inspire

My motivation every day is to inspire men and women, through my use of songs, stories, coaching and public events, to step into a fuller embodiment and equal partnership between the sacred masculine and feminine.

I have acquired much insight from my many years as a Counsellor, Social Worker, Shiatsu Therapist, Singer-Songwriter, Sound Alchemist, Composer, Writer and Workshop Facilitator, and I have come to see how much we need to heal our outmoded relationships, especially in how we have defined our roles for being men and women in our society. My purpose for being here is to inspire you to see and feel the beauty within you that has been yearning for too long to come forth.

The journey is not about what I need to become, more than it is about unbecoming everything that has been in the way of what I was meant to be in the first place.

Join us. Grow with us. Change with us.

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